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<b>Horse & Rider Bio-Mechanics</b>
Horse & Rider Bio-MechanicsBuild Balance, Refine Your Aids
And Help Your Horse To Move & Feel Their Best
<b>Ground Training</b>
Ground TrainingLunging, Physio & Rehab Exercises
Jumping, Cavaletti & Classical Work In Hand
<b>Personal Horsemanship Development</b>
Personal Horsemanship DevelopmentTaking A Look at Horsemanship
Through the Lens of Self-Mastery & Leadership
PROBLEM SOLVINGKind, Effective Solutions for Common Problems
On the Ground & In the Saddle


University of Equestrian Arts

A "skill-building" approach to horsemanship education that focuses on heart-centered, evidence-based training for horses & riders of all disciplines and all levels. 

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