Evidence-Based Equestrian Training

Compassionate, intelligent training that delivers the partnership & performance you dreamed of when you began this journey.

What If You & Your Horse

Had a partnership that let you...

  • Trust each other unconditionally,
  • Communicate clearly,
  • Easily navigate challenges & learn new things together,
  • And work & play together with a deep sense of connection?

What if the foundation of your training...

Was so strong that training looked like subtle adjustments with a willing partner, instead of struggling with tention, bracing, & problem behaviors?


This Vision Belongs to All of Us

And it goes beyond Riding Disciplines, Sports, or Activities.

UofEA Offers Services & Content

Designed to empower people & their horses, take their training results to the next level, and help keep them safe & sound.


In Person Services

Lessons, Horse Training, Horsemanship Clinics, Train-The-Trainer Seminars, Horse-less Rider Workshops, and Problem Horse Demonstrations.


FREE Content

Check out the ever-growing, searchable library of Blog articles, links to valuable resources, social media content, and videos.  

Online Courses

Online Courses

UofEA offers a growing selection of short courses that are designed to teach very specific skills at a price that makes them accessible to anyone.

Evidence-Based Training Principles

Give us solid, predictable results and help us to avoid common problems.

What Clients Are Saying...

University of Equestrian Arts

UofEA provides compassionate, Evidence-Based Equestrian Training for riders of all disciplines.

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