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Private Lessons & Training

Sessions can be lessons for you, training for your horse, or a combination of both as needed.

Behavioral & Athletic Evaluation

Ideal for pre-purchase, new horses, and problem-horses.

It doesn't replace your need for a Veterinary Exam. It gives a 360* assessment of patterns of behavior, learning style, posture, hoof balance, topline health, and quality of movement.

UofEA is Operating Out Of

NWA Stables & Equestrian Center in Bentonville, AR

Facility Features


  • Covered Arena with World-Class Footing
  • Large Outdoor Sand Arena
  • 25 acre Cross Country Course
  • Working Equitation Obstacle Course
  • 60' Round Pen with Sand Footing
  • Climate Controlled Lounge & Restrooms
NWA Stables
NWA Stables Facility

University of Equestrian Arts

The Holistic Development of Horse & Human with a Focus on Wellness and Performance Excellence

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